Vermouth di Torino Corsieri del Palio is a tribute to the historic town of Asti, with its medieval past and famous ancient horse race known as ‘Il Palio’. An old recipe that reflects the roots of Piemonte.


A ‘Corsiero’ is a noble, strong and beautiful racehorse, proud and ready for the challenge. Like our vermouth, which is persistent and balanced, with bitter-sweet hints and a citrus finish.


Its recipe includes a careful selection of herbs and spices, each infused separately via hot or cold extraction. Only when all the scents and aromas have been absorbed naturally in each infusion are they subsequently blended.


The Rosso can also be mixed with a premium tonic as a light aperitif and is an excellent ingredient in classic and famous cocktails such as the Negroni and Manhattan. The Bianco could be used for alternative cocktails.